Tobacco Harm Reduction 2021 is a free-content, online publication to raise awareness and support tobacco harm reduction (THR) as a means to prevent tobacco-related disease and premature death in adult smokers.

Any part of the publication may be downloaded for use, and attribution is appreciated. Our request to readers is two-fold: firstly, to challenge the scientific arguments in this book, and with us help strengthen evidence-based policy. Secondly, that this content is used to empathetically support persons who smoke, who cannot or will not quit. Encourage them to switch from the most harmful cigarettes to less harmful, non-combustible nicotine-based products. This publication is dedicated to the alliance of vapers worldwide. DOWNLOAD E-BOOK HERE


Nicotine – A misunderstood molecule:

The mistaken public beliefs that nicotine is the cause of disease risk and cancer, rather than the smoke from combustion, must be dispelled.

Although nicotine may cause addiction, it does not cause disease. World-renowned researcher in human nicotine pharmacology Dr Neal Benowitz states, “Nicotine plays a minor role, if any, in causing smoking-induced diseases.” Therefore, as a harm reduction tool, nicotine is an extremely useful substitute to combustible tobacco.


Harm Reduction is an Ethical Choice

“First, do no Harm.”


Science Matters. Get informed

In tobacco control, evidence-based policy is too easily sacrificed for policy-biased evidence seeking.


E-cigarettes have become the method of choice to quit smoking in the United Kingdom

Worldwide research shows that roughly 70% of tobacco users ultimately want to quit the habit. In the United Kingdom for example, around two-thirds of smokers, regardless of their social group, want to stop smoking. Here, e-cigarettes have become the method of choice to quit smoking.