Useful Websites


Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA)

A registered health promotion charity focusing on tobacco harm reduction. Its website provides evidence-based information and practical advice for smokers and health professionals on safer alternatives to smoking.


Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)

A public health charity established by the Royal College of Physicians. This useful site does not condemn smoking or attack smokers. It offers plenty of THR information, including fact sheets and a local resource toolkit for public health professionals and councillors involved in tobacco control in the UK.


The World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA)

The World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) is the largest community of vapers. The WVA website advocates for vapers, empowering them to make a difference for their communities. Check out their updates on international regulatory developments, new research, blogs and testimonials.


The Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction (GSTHR)

The Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction (GSTHR) website is a free resource that maps the availability and use of safer nicotine products, regulatory responses to them and the public health potential of tobacco harm reduction at all levels. Here, you will find validated information from independently published sources.


Drug Science

Drug Science is the leading independent science-led drugs charity. This website is an excellent source of clear, unbiased, evidence-based information for patients, doctors and clinics about the effects and harms of different drugs, including nicotine.


Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives (CASAA)

A non-profit NGO that advocates for consumers to access reduced tobacco harm products. This informative website features consumer education, resources, testimonials and blogs for its 250,000 plus members.


International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations (INNCO)

INNCO advocates globally for THR on behalf of more than 30 grassroots organisations and sensible THR policies. Recognising that consumers should be an integral part of THR discussions worldwide, this website provides quality factual information, news and regulation advocacy actions to represent consumers of low-risk, alternative nicotine products and strengthen their collective voice on the global stage.



Looking for fresh insights about harm reduction policies in public health that surpass the conventional rhetoric? Then check out this enlightening counterfactual website. As the personal website of respected public interest advocate and campaigner Clive Bates, it offers a wealth of science-based, thought-provoking information and resources on nicotine science, tobacco harm reduction and more.


Vaping in New Zealand

This website features facts and information about vaping (e-cigarettes) as a way to help people quit smoking. The site was created by the New Zealand Ministry of Health as part of its Smokefree 2025 plan to promote smoke-free environments. The website content is a good example of a government initiative that recognises the potential of vaping in reducing smoking prevalence.


Campaign for Safer Alternatives

A pan-African non-governmental member organization dedicated to achieving 100% smoke free environments in Africa. Their initiative is aimed at promoting innovative solutions for tobacco smoking cessation. While remaining committed to and supporting tobacco control efforts in Africa, especially Article 14 of the W.H.O Framework Convention on Tobacco Con-trol (WHO FCTC), CASA serves as a platform for advocating and promoting all innovative solutions for ending smoking whether counselling, nicotine replacement therapies (NRT), or harm reduction.